The Apology

It’s been a while since I’ve put “pen to paper” as they say and written a story.  Certainly I’ve had many ideas rumble around my mind and as a result several drafts have been saved but nothing that seemed to satisfy.

This a first for me.

The first time the last sentence of a story was written before the story itself.  The reason is simple.  I couldn’t forget four words our 3 1/2 year-old grandson said.  A moment that stayed with me as I’ve thought about what he said and what those words really meant.

Our youngest grandson was spending the day with us and something was quickly very clear when he arrived early that morning.    He was starting his day tired.  Anyone who has spent time with a tired 3 year-old knows how your day can go.

As a seasoned Grandmother now, I readily admit I have much more patience when it comes to the grandchildren than I did when my boys were growing up.  It doesn’t seem fair, to the kids you are raising at the time, but I guess that’s the way life goes.  With age you gain wisdom and it’s your grandchildren who benefit from your parental growing pains.

As I was saying, Grandchild #7 was spending the day with us and Mr. Contrary was his visiting companion.  Yes, he wanted Lucky Charms for breakfast, nope make that faffles (waffles).  Grandma didn’t have any faffles how about pancakes.  Nope, he wanted meatballs (Spaghettio’s with meatballs).  Sorry, that’s for lunch so you have a choice of Lucky Charms or Lucky Charms.  This conversation was overheard by Papa who didn’t like the little guy’s tone of voice.

Lucky Charms it was with a side dish of “don’t talk to your Grandmother like that”.  Our day had started.

It’s possible the little guy took exception to Papa’s interference in our breakfast conversation because after that, hand in hand with Mr. Contrary, the little guy seemed to do anything and everything he could to get Papa’s attention, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).  It was also at this point Mr. Annoyance joined their little play group.

I was in another room when I heard Hubby’s raised voice telling the little guy to stop whatever it was he was doing.  When I checked it out, the little guy was on the couch with his head under the pillow, and Papa was in his chair watching him.  Papa’s usual smile was MIA.

The phone rings at that moment and it’s Mom calling to see how things are going.

“I talk to her” the little guy says as he gets off the couch with a look at his Grandfather.  Said look told me Papa had told him he had to stay on the couch until Papa said he could get down.  The phrase “pissing contest” came to mind as I watched the way he looked at his Grandfather and Hubby’s return stare.

I hand him the phone and since he’s standing next to me I can hear Mom too.

“How are you doing buddy”.

“I pissed off Papa” he tells her.  There’s a very brief silence.

Mom starts to say something at the same moment he looks at the phone and pushes the button for speaker.

“He’s got you on speaker phone” I warn her while trying not to laugh.  I can tell by Hubby’s facial expression he’s not amused.  Knowing this boy the way I do I shouldn’t have been surprised that he knew how to do that with the speaker button.

We have a brief four-way conversation about things and it may have been my imagination but I thought I detected a wee bit of concern in Mom’s voice.  She and I both know he’s tired and a nap is a priority.

I’ve come to realize that’s not always a logical excuse for poor behavior as far as most adult males are concerned, however.

Maybe it’s that men are from Mars, women are from Venus thing, not that I really ever understood that either.  It sounds good as excuses go I guess.

Anyway, Grandma decided it was time to get the boy settled.  He had his meatballs for lunch and while eating we talked about this and that.  I knew that he knew what was coming after his lunch.

Nap time.

Of course, he tried his best delay, distract and annoy tactics but Grandma, as usual, was going to win this one.   After lunch it was bathroom time, wash your hands, get another drink and then to the couch.  He protested, of course, cried a bit; that cry without real tears just to make noise cry.

Within minutes he was fast asleep.

“That boy was tired” Hubby told me.

“You’re right Hon”.

Two and a half hours later our little guy wakes up.  Sitting up, but staying on the couch, he watches his Grandfather who is resting in his chair by the couch.  After a few seconds, he climbs off the couch and moves to stand in front of Papa’s chair.




“I no dick Papa” he tells his Grandfather, standing there and waiting for Papa’s response.  I watch as Hubby holds his arm out.   That’s all the encouragement the little guy needs to climb up and snuggle in with Papa.

Apology accepted.



P.S.    His father can explain how he knew that he was or wasn’t behaving like a dick.


All rights reserved.  I hope you enjoyed my story but please remember it’s my story so no using or copying any content in any manner without the express written permission of the owner…